Friday, December 21, 2012

The Old Normal

There are moments in life that are hard to ignore. Our family has had plenty of excitement this year, but thankfully this past month has been a bit calmer than the previous two. If you're a regular Herald-Gazette reader, you'll know that October and November did not qualify in the "calm" category. Dukeling2 has already brought plenty of action to Snukeville. Lately, we've been on the road weekly for doctor appointments in Colorado Springs. Blissfully, the product of those trips has been rather dull.

Baby's heart rate is right where they want it to be, so we are on schedule for January arrival.  We haven't done much to the house in prep for the new bundle of joy. Actually, there isn't a lot to change; we're still in diaper mode for Katelyn, so life won't change much there. We do know that our sleep schedule will once again be turned upside down.  Allison is officially TBP (tire of being pregnant), but really that happened at about twelve weeks along. Never having experienced the "wonder," all I can do is be the intentionally patient expectant father.
Yesterday, I had one of those moments in life where I could only appreciate the current circumstances knowing that things are about to get much more exciting.  About mid-evening, I was reading a book and noticed the pleasantness of the status quo.  Katelyn was playing with a puzzle, Allison was working on a Christmas treat in the kitchen, and it hit me that this wouldn't be "normal" much longer.  So, I thanked the Lord for that special moment. 
One of the things I have worked hard to be is content in the present.  Truth is, our life right now is pretty good. For the last 2 2/3 years, we have experienced the joy of being the parents of a sweet, silly only child.  I really have enjoyed this stage of normalcy.  Katelyn is (almost) pure joy. She entertains herself easily, and is always surprising us with the next thing she learns.
Now, normal will change.  The next month will bring a new little human to Snukeville. So, I am working to be content in this moment, simply because it will be different soon. 
I don't really have anything profound to say or report.  I am just thankful that God has given us this special time with a special girl. His promise is that His plans for us give us hope and a future.  But there is something about appreciating the present.
Just a few seconds ago, Katelyn crawled into my lap to snuggle up while watching "Winnie the Pooh." She knows there's a baby in Mommy's belly, but she really has no clue how her life will be altered when the baby shows up.  So now we love on her, because all she knows is "right now." And I am happy to be her daddy.
"Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18 HCSB

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