Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I want...

Katelyn has begun sharing her desires with the world.  Her words are improving to the point that sometimes you actually hear "I want..." followed by whatever it is at the moment.  Most of the time, though, it comes out as "IMA."  So, "I want to go outside" sounds like "Ima outside."  We've heard it for all manner of things: swing, slide, dogs, apple juice, church.  All kinds of fun.

This morning, she's in quite a good mood... been "IMA"ing all over the place.  I brought her to the church with me, and had her gated in my office while I was talking with Becky.  Along the way, it got very quiet... never a good sign.  She had procured the banana I brought for MY breakfast, and had attempted to open BOTH ends of it, which resulted in some nice gooey banana ends.  When I walked in, she was holding it up to me saying, "Ima bana."

So, I shared my breakfast... she got the ends of the banana.

She's a bit too smart for our safety.

 Enjoying her slushie at Sam's with Mommy

Thursday, March 1, 2012


At 22 months old, Katelyn is learning all kinds of new words. Some are very clear, some are ...well... unique interpretations of the English language. Following is a list of words, interpretations, and, when necessary, definitions of the English Language According to Katelyn A. Duke.

"flowf" - flower (slowly transitioning to proper word)
"apple juice" - any drink that is not water or milk. Tonight, blue Gatorade qualified
"W" - best letter ever (also what she calls her alphabet video, which conveniently has a W on the cover)
"pawpaw" - Grandpa (and sometimes Grandma)
"Bob" - VeggieTale double feature DVD
 "Joe" - Larry the Cucumber (thanks to the Ballad of Little Joe)
"MOO! cow" - Cow
"Wawoo" - Water
"KeestiCK" - cheese stick
"bottle" - milk
"eh... eh..." - pick me up, or I want that.
"Dots" - her purple zebra
"Yine...rar" - Lion
"orse" - Horse
"baby seep" - nap, bedtime
"teef" - brush teeth
"baf" - bath
"debby" - Ms. Becky (my secretary) could also be "Bebby"; still interpreting that one
"Bobbie" - Bobbie
"ZO!" - Ed & Linda's toy poodle Gizmo
"chuch" - church
"eat" - eat
"food" - food
"yewwow" - yellow
"bwue" - blue
"peet" - pink
"wed" - red
"geen" - green
"side" - slide
"off" - on
"wight" - light
"da-per" - diaper
"cat" - Talking cat game on my phone
"beep-beep" - either the coyote or roadrunner
"choo-choo" - any toy vehicle

She has  pretty much mastered her letters, and can generally sing the whole alphabet song (often she leaves letters out, though)

There are a few. It is a fun thing for us to learn to talk all over again.