Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Katelyn (4.0)

Hey there Sweetness,
You're 4. Yep. And everyone knows it. You also knew that even though your party was Sunday, you weren't really 4 till today. And you told everyone that, too.
This has been a good year for you, but not an easy one. You're one of the smartest children I've ever known, and I'm not just saying that because you're mine. You're brilliant. A few weeks ago you counted to 100 with only two prompts. You know the location of every state in the Union, and a good number of their names. You know where friends and family live, and if they've moved, you know both locations. You can write your name as clearly as some kids I've seen in 2nd or 3rd grade. You can sing countless songs, and like many American girls, know the Frozen soundtrack better than your parents want you to.
I can show you how to use a phone or tablet app and you figure it out in moments. I have also removed a few because they're too hard, but you will play them till you get angry (they must be conquered). You have grown into quite the creative little girl. And, unfortunately, you seem to have inherited your parents' cleaning habits.
You and Nathan are becoming quite a tandem. I have never seen a time when you can't make him laugh. I love how you care for him. I can't wait to see how your love for each other grows. Recently, your patience with his brotherly antics has been tried a bit. Hopefully your hair will grow back in the spots he's yanked it out. I hope you learn to share at least a little bit along the way.
This year has also brought an entirely new and special level to the term "independent". I must say that my desire for you to live life to the full has backfired a bit sometimes. I think you have a full dose of stubborn from both your parents. Unfortunately I have lost patience more than once. I pray you know that even in the times I seem to lose my temper, you are deeply loved.
You are such a precious, beautiful, intelligent girl. One of the great joys of the last month has been to answer your questions about Jesus' crucifixion. I pray you reach a clear understanding of the Gospel of Jesus and trust Him as your Savior and Lord. I pray you become a living testimony of the hope of His resurrection. I pray that day is soon.
As we get used to having Grandma and Grandpa in town with us, I know there will be a lot of new adventures. We hope to be able to bless you with many great times together.
I'm thankful you're my girl. You are loved by your mom and dad more than you'll ever know.
You're my favorite!
Love, Daddy