Wednesday, March 10, 2010

and that's a true story

We were in the doctor's office today, and I told Dr. Castelli that I would not be on his end of the delivery.  He proceeded to tell me he didn't deliver his own child... that was "work" for him... he had no intention of thinking of his wife that way.

We have an awesome doctor.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Things Dad is learning (mainly about paint)

blue covers lime green better than yellow
no matter how hard you try, you always dribble a little (and least I haven't dumped a can yet)
this yellow is VERY bright.
despite my greatest efforts otherwise, I'm actually improving at painting.

this kid better love this room!  ;-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not so mellow yellow...

Here's the first coat, covering the hideous lime green (though I know that most of you will likely think yellow to be just as hideous). The picture doesn't show the green really well, but you can really see the yellow!  Really, it's great for the little room... there are only two small windows, so it is pretty dark in there.  The yellow adds a good brightness, I think.

"Just wait until the baby gets here..."

Why do people say that?  If we had a penny for every time we say something and someone responds with, "Oh, but just wait until the baby gets here..." usually followed some statement of gleeful doom, we could probably keep the Dukeling in diapers for a month.  We have been quite emphatic in our declarations that we're clueless about babies.  I don't think we really need constant reminders of how much our lives will change once we go from being a couple to being three...or maybe someday more.  I will say one thing: hearing those words never makes me feel any more comfortable about this impending change (which looms closer every day).  If anything, it just makes me that much more terrified.  And it really doesn't help when it's followed by some platitude like, "Oh but don't worry, you'll be a great mother" or "But it's so worth it!"  Here is a truth about life: If you're about to say something that will have to be immediately followed with something else to make that thing sound better, or less horrifying, or irritating, or mean-spirited...just consider not saying anything at all.  We will find out all too soon what will happen "when the baby comes."  Don't spoil the surprise!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let her eat cake!

So last night at about 9:00, I was working on finishing an assignment for my oh-so-exciting Digital Imaging class, and I started thinking about cake.  Then I couldn't stop thinking about cake.  Poor Greg wanted to help but we had just ran out of eggs, one of the essential ingredients for cake.  I somehow managed to finish my assignment and turn it in - only a day late this week - and then fully turned my attention to cake.  Greg called our local King Soopers, which actually sells single pieces of cake (they even come with mini sporks!), and found out that they don't close until midnight.  So there we were, headed to the grocery store for at 10:00 pm for a slice of cake, a dozen eggs, some flavored carbonated water, and treats for Lucy and Rusty, who went along for the ride.  Ah, the joys of pregnancy.  Kudos to my wonderful, understanding husband, the Duke of Snuke.

Monday, March 1, 2010

the full moon

Dukeling's due date: April 30
Full moon: April 28