Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nathan (2.0)

Dear Nathan,

It hardly seems possible, the fact that you're two years old today.  I know most parents in their right minds who enjoy their kids say that, but it truly is the case.  

As I watch you wander around the living room asking me, "Who's that?" about almost all your toys (but particularly Larry the Cucumber), I am amazed that the little man you are.  You are so intelligent.  You work to master everything you learn.  I wish I had half the drive to learn that you do.  You've begun learning your letters, and along the way you are realizing there are letters everywhere! It was so cute the night you discovered that the funny stuff on the wall in your sister's room were actually letters.  And when you discovered the letters on the various shirts I wear.  It's just so much fun.  

You are SO LOUD! And you always have been, from moment one.  There is nothing quite like having the still of night ripped apart by a wail or a shout from your bedroom.  In some ways, those screeches are a sound of comfort. But not many.  Mostly, it's just loud. Both you and Katelyn have spoiled us by being generally great sleepers.  So good, that on the nights you aren't it is pretty miserable for dear old mom and dad.

I am so thankful for your sweet spirit.  You have been independent from the start, but man... you are a mama's boy! You and your mommy have quite the bond.  I am so thankful for the love you show her.  I pray that bond only grows, and you know just how much you are loved.

It's been a busy year for you.  You learned how to walk.  You've started talking.  You have developed an extreme fondness for VeggieTales (expressed in an awkward bond with a plastic Larry the Cucumber who most often has no eyes.  Seriously dude... it's just a plastic cucumber).  You love music.  You love Frozen.  You love animals.  You love your church and everyone who cares for you.  Your Grandma and Grandpa moved here in March, and that bond has just gotten stronger and stronger.

You and Katelyn are trouble... even now.  It will be interesting to see what you two come up with in the years ahead. I love how you join in on the fun with whatever story she has rolling in her mind.  And by joining in on the fun, I mean you generally body slam a toy (or her), steal a crown ("I King" walking around wearing a princess crown.  Oy), or pull her hair (and when you get caught... you hug her and say "AWW."  Yeah.  We've got you figured out, kid).  Be nice to your sister, Paco.  She's either your best friend or worst enemy!

I am thankful for the sweet boy you are.  I praise Jesus that you are so healthy.  To think back to the time when we were expecting you, and the stress related to your heart issues.  So far, it's just shown itself to be a funky heartbeat.  Your energy is through the roof, and the only trip to the hospital was that time we thought you might have swallowed a battery last Christmas (update... battery was found under last year's Christmas tree... not in your throat).  You are a trooper when it comes to your periodic monitors for the doctors.

I praise Jesus that His grace already shines so brightly in your life.  Most of all I pray that you trust in Christ for salvation and forgiveness early in your life, and that you are a faithful servant of the Most High God.  He has great plans for you, my son.  I pray you live in His grace.

I love you, Nathan.  Our gift.