Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jesus Loves Me, part 2

We've been singing "Jesus Loves Me" at bedtime with Katelyn since we started her bedtime routine.  For awhile now I've had a suspicion that she knows the song, but was content to let us sing it for her. In the past week, I noticed that while she was playing, she'd start saying, "Jesus...Yes!" and wondered if she might be singing the song herself. Then she other night, she actually sang parts of it with us at bedtime, and then insisted that we sing it several more times with her. Then last night, after we sang it, she said, "Pay!" a few times, but we couldn't figure out what she meant.

This morning, Katelyn was playing downstairs and saying, "Yes, Jesus!" and signing "Bible," so I sang the song for her with the motions that we always do. Afterward she said "Pay!" again, and I realized she was saying "Pray," because we always pray after we sing at bedtime. So I went over, held her hands, and said a little prayer with her. She finished with a happy "Amen!" and left me with a lovely, thankful feeling in my heart. She may not quite understand why we sing about Jesus and pray, but I'm thrilled that for now, she is enjoying the process. And I am also thankful that Jesus does love her, and loves all of us, even though we can never completely understand why.

In this week leading up to Easter, what are some ways that you have been reminded to thank Jesus for His love? What are some things your children have done lately that have left you with a happy, thankful heart?

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