Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Katelyn (2.0)

Today is your second birthday. I don't know how much of it you'll remember, but it has been a great weekend. On Saturday we met your cousins' family in Denver for an awesome time at Lego KidsFest; I wasn't sure we would get Ryan and Uncle Jamie out of there without calling security. You and Emily had a blast going from station to station looking at and playing with things. You really liked the Duplos, and thought Lego Friends were almost as cool as Megan did.  The big hit for everyone was Lego Lightning McQueen!

After a fun day in Denver, we headed home to Pueblo where we hosted Uncle Jamie, Aunt Melissa, Emily, Ryan, and Megan overnight so Jamie could preach in our church on Sunday morning.  We had a great birthday lunch after church, and sang "Happy Day to You" (as you like to sing) many times over.  You were so brave and cute as the "other" Dukes headed home after lunch (no crying at all), and you headed to your nap.  After your nap, you looked out the door and said, "All done, Rynan."  I guess you knew that they really did go home.  We went for a walk with Rusty and Lucy, and then headed to bed.

Today, we woke up to a beautiful day in Pueblo.  Your mom and I spent a lot of the day planning for your party this evening, and I think you knew it!  You ate WAY too much ice cream at Sam's Club, and this evening, we hosted your friends Bethany, Matalyn, Ava, and AJ for your "official" birthday party over at the church.  A few more friends had planned to come, but other things came up.  After the party, we talked to Gram on the phone, and Grandma and "PawPaw" sang "Happy Birthday" to you before you went to bed.  Your mom said you didn't want to go to sleep, and that you knew a special day was coming to an end. And so, the three-day birthday has come to a close (although I've heard rumors of cupcakes tomorrow at Mom's Day Out).

It is hard to believe that you are two years old.  I am thankful for the joy and fun you bring to your lives.  I pray that your cheerful, generous spirit follows you throughout your life.  I am continually amazed at how smart you are.  I don't know anyone who doesn't "just LOVE" you.  We are so fortunate that we have so many friends and family that give so much to us.

I pray daily that you will trust Christ as Lord of your life.  I know you are smart, and I know you hear us talk of Jesus.  I can't control what you believe, but I do pray that my life is a testimony of God's grace and love for you through Jesus.  I wonder what you "will be" when you grow up.  Sometimes, I even wonder who you will marry (if I let you get married).  You are so bright, talented, and kind-hearted.  I pray that Jesus is number One in your life for eternity.

Thank you for blessing my life, my precious, beautiful little girl.  May the Lord protect you and guide your life in His grace.  May my life be a testimony of His love for you.


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China Outreach Ministries-UNM said...

What a sweet testimony to who Katelyn is and your love for her, Greg. Thanks for sharing.