Saturday, May 19, 2012


Katelyn is definitely a girl after my own heart. During a trip to Big R today, we told her she could pick one critter from the rack of Schleich plastic animals. She considered several horses and then settled on a cute little gray spotted pony. Greg suggested naming the pony Duchess but after I pointed out that it is clearly a boy pony, we decided to go with Gus. I just thought it was great that out of all the animal options, Katelyn definitely wanted a horse. That's my girl.

This afternoon, I watched I'll Have Another win the Preakness Stakes, the second jewel of the elusive Triple Crown, by a neck. What an exciting race!! I am eagerly anticipating watching him run the Belmont next month, and hoping that after 34 years we'll finally have another Triple Crown winner. I've always loved horses and horse-related sports (except for polo, which I've never really understood). Greg does not share my love for horses at all, although he did get pretty excited while we were watching that race earlier. Anyway, it's nice to hope that maybe Katelyn will share my love and appreciation for all things horsey as she grows up.

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