Thursday, November 15, 2012

With humble thanks

We have been so humbled and thankful for all of the prayers and expressions of love and support since I posted the blog about our baby last week (in case you missed it, you can read that post here).  I'm going to really try to post some sort of update each week, even if it's just to say "nothing has changed, but please keep praying!"  We know that God hears and answers the prayers of His people, and we are thankful for this opportunity we have to share what He is doing in our lives.

We are seeing doctors every week right now, alternating between Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  This week I saw my doctor in Pueblo, and everything still looks as good as it can at this point.  The baby's heart is still beating in what we're calling the "safe" range, growing and developing normally, (except of course for that heart issue that has everyone so concerned), and there is no fluid buildup to cause any concern for the baby's well-being at this point.  The baby is still very active, which is great but somewhat uncomfortable for me!  The doctor was also pleased enough with my blood sugar numbers that I only have to test every other day now.  That is good because those testing supplies are expensive!  I'm still on a very carb-restricted diet, and still trying to figure out how to eat enough food while limiting my carbs.  I've taken it on as a challenge, and I know I can be a little scary when I'm working on a challenge, so my apologies to anyone who is tired of hearing me talk about food and how many carbs are in everything!

So, nothing has changed, but please keep praying!  The cardiologist in Colorado Springs has told us not to expect any improvement, because that's not likely from a medical standpoint.  I guess that means that no change is a good thing.  It means that the problem hasn't gotten worse.  Of course we know that God is capable of anything, and from that viewpoint, we are actually hoping and praying for things to get better.  We are thankful to have such a large network of people praying for this baby, and we hope that God blesses each of your lives as you seek His face and grow in Him.

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Shannon said...

Greg and Allison, we really enjoyed having you over this afternoon after your appointment. We are praying for little Dukeling and for you guys as you take each day and moment at a time. Praise God that He gives us His grace sufficient for each moment! You are always welcome in our home. Please consider us your CS peeps and know that we are here whatever the need might be :). Blessings!
Shannon and Doug