Thursday, March 1, 2012


At 22 months old, Katelyn is learning all kinds of new words. Some are very clear, some are ...well... unique interpretations of the English language. Following is a list of words, interpretations, and, when necessary, definitions of the English Language According to Katelyn A. Duke.

"flowf" - flower (slowly transitioning to proper word)
"apple juice" - any drink that is not water or milk. Tonight, blue Gatorade qualified
"W" - best letter ever (also what she calls her alphabet video, which conveniently has a W on the cover)
"pawpaw" - Grandpa (and sometimes Grandma)
"Bob" - VeggieTale double feature DVD
 "Joe" - Larry the Cucumber (thanks to the Ballad of Little Joe)
"MOO! cow" - Cow
"Wawoo" - Water
"KeestiCK" - cheese stick
"bottle" - milk
"eh... eh..." - pick me up, or I want that.
"Dots" - her purple zebra
"Yine...rar" - Lion
"orse" - Horse
"baby seep" - nap, bedtime
"teef" - brush teeth
"baf" - bath
"debby" - Ms. Becky (my secretary) could also be "Bebby"; still interpreting that one
"Bobbie" - Bobbie
"ZO!" - Ed & Linda's toy poodle Gizmo
"chuch" - church
"eat" - eat
"food" - food
"yewwow" - yellow
"bwue" - blue
"peet" - pink
"wed" - red
"geen" - green
"side" - slide
"off" - on
"wight" - light
"da-per" - diaper
"cat" - Talking cat game on my phone
"beep-beep" - either the coyote or roadrunner
"choo-choo" - any toy vehicle

She has  pretty much mastered her letters, and can generally sing the whole alphabet song (often she leaves letters out, though)

There are a few. It is a fun thing for us to learn to talk all over again.

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