Monday, January 11, 2016

Nathan [3.0xe]

xe = extra energy

We're glad to see this day, and it's been a busy one. We spent the day getting ready for your party, and then hosted at least 35 of your friends for your party, then Grandma and Grandpa at dinner. Okay, it was more like 13 friends or so, but seriously, I lost count. It was lots of fun, and you're still wound at bedtime.

Three and a half weeks ago, on December 17th, you got your pacemaker. The doctors told us your heart rate was dropping into the 30s overnight, and it was time. You have been so healthy that it's hard to believe that it was happening. You did splendidly through surgery, and have been a pretty good patient in recovery. And you're still proving the health of your lungs consistently.

We have been so loved through your surgery. Our family, church, and friends have all been so great. Through your surgery, Christmas, and now your birthday, you have received so many gifts! We have a insane amount of Cars! You're loving it. It's so fun to watch you play.

You're quite the talker this year. For the most part,  you are very determined to say things correctly, but there are still some really cute things along the way (bomboons= balloons; for a while Pikes Peak was "Pikesom Peak"). True to form for both sides of the family, you are highly opinionated and very strong willed. You're also very strong. It's been hard to keep you on that 5 lb post-surgery weight limit. You just pick stuff up!

You are so loved, my son. Your mom and I are more than blessed to have you. It's been a stressful year, but God is faithful. We know He has big plans for our bionic boy!

We love you. I pray Christ's protection and blessing for your life. I pray you seek Him and make Him your Savior.

I love you, my son.

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