Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I realized yesterday that many of you are probably wondering "How Nathan is doing." It's easy for us to get lost in our sleep deprived fog. So, I thought we'd let Nathan let you know how things are:

I AM STARVING!!! These "Mommy" and "Daddy" people seem to think it's appropriate to wait TWO minutes for a bottle from the fridge to warm up for me. Don't they know it's been THREE HOURS since I ate? Sometimes they even let me sleep longer than that! You would not believe how empty a baby boy's belly is when that happens. I am WASTING AWAY. And this "big sister" is no help at all. All she does is hug me and stuff. Lame. Sometimes these people even try to stick a torture device called a "pacifier" in my mouth. This deceptive device gives the impression that you could be eating, but there's NO MILK! What good is that?  I'M STARVING!

So, there you have it. Nathan is hungry. All the time. Unless he's asleep.

He really is doing well. Yesterday Allison did the home scale with him, and he weighs 10.5 pounds. That's right. Little man has gained 3 pounds in 5 weeks. So much for starvation. He even gave us 5 hours of continuous sleep last night.

Thanks for your prayers, friendship, and general interest.

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