Thursday, April 21, 2011

The First Word

How time flies! We apparently no longer have too much of it on our hands. Katelyn will be a year old in just a week! She can pull up, cruise along walls and furniture, and crawl up stairs. She's not showing any interest in walking yet but whenever she decides to do it, I'm sure she will figure it out.

Continuing in her quest to charm and delight everyone she meets, Katelyn now waves "bye bye," and even says a short "buh" sound along with it. Hopefully we will post video of that soon. She loves to "talk." Although we can't really figure out much that she's saying yet, it's fun to guess. Sometimes she sounds like an Ewok.

Katelyn loves music. She has figured out how to turn on the stereo, and enjoys bouncing along with any song she can manage to play. She does seem to prefer instrumental music to singing, but she likes it all. Possibly even more than music, she loves books. Her current favorite is "Bard's Notebook," which came with the Baby Einstein World of Words DVD we recently bought for her because she was beginning to lose interest in Baby Beethoven. She now sits and turns the pages of her Bard book, points at the words and pictures, and babbles incoherently. I'm not sure, but I think she's pretending to read. She also likes it when we read to her. The other day, she was playing with a book, and I asked her to give it to me if she wanted me to read it. She smiled and handed it over, then beamed while I read it.

Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, walks are becoming a favorite activity. Whether she is riding in her stroller or strapped in the backpack on Daddy's back, Katelyn likes looking around and chattering about whatever she sees. She especially likes it when we walk with the dogs, because she likes to watch them. When she sees or hears the dogs, she gets very excited and starts exclaiming, "Doggie! Doggie!" Yes, that's right. You heard it here, folks. Katelyn's first word is "doggie."

Buh for now!

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