Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Teething Soothie: Thumbs up!

Katelyn's favorite pacifier has always been the Soothie: the same one they gave out in the hospital. Well, lately she's been chewing on them more often than sucking on them, I guess because she's teething. (As an aside, I don't know how long this teething thing is supposed to go on, but it seems like forever and still no evidence of teeth). So I went online to see the difference between the regular Soothie, which she's been using since she was born, and the Super Soothie, which I saw in the store. They looked exactly the same to me, but the regular Soothie says 0-3 months and the Super Soothie is 3+ months. Although they do look the same, the Super Soothie is thicker, and is designed for babies with teeth. But while I was on Amazon, I also found a product called the Teething Soothie, which is like a Super Soothie, but with bumpy teething edges on the sides. I got all excited and ordered three. They came yesterday, so we opened one up, washed it, and offered it to Katelyn. She immediately started happily chomping away.

This thing is great. It's big and a little heavy, but she can still use it as a pacifier if she wants to. The best thing is that she can hold it and chew on it as much as she likes. Some of the teething rings we've bought are too big and awkward (and cold!) for her to hold herself, we we end up having to to hold then in for her. She can grab and munch on this whenever she wants. It's just the right thickness, too. I think we'll keep one in the freezer for the times when she seems to need something cold.

Just thought I'd share. :)

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