Monday, September 6, 2010

A Spittin' Good Time

Well, now that the Dukeling has firmly implanted herself in our lives, we apparently have less time on our hands. So we have been shamefully neglecting the blog. Meanwhile, Katelyn is getting bigger, prettier, and more interesting all the time. When we go out we are often complimented on how what a beautiful baby she is and what nice chunky thighs she has. She's also quite a social little thing and is quite happy to charm just about anyone she meets with a big toothless grin. We acknowledge that we're very blessed to have such a sweet, happy, and content baby, and we are thankful that God knew we needed an easy one to start out with!

Last week, Katelyn learned that blowing raspberries was fun and attention-getting, so she did it all the time. She seems to speak some kind of language that involves lots of spitting and drooling. It's cute, but we'll also be happy whenever she decides to learn to speak English.This week she's doing a little less spitting and is now spending a lot of time sucking on her tongue or lip. Since that's not quite as cute as the raspberries, I'm hoping she gets tired of it pretty quickly. Also, she hasn't rolled over yet (unless you count "Flop," which we don't) but I think she's getting very close. In fact, while I'm writing this she keeps rolling on to her side, so we'll see...maybe it will be soon!

Katelyn has also become a fine traveler. The first trip to New Mexico in June was pretty rocky, but we have made several trips since then, and she has been wonderful. She adapts well to new places and really does well in the car. Something else to be thankful for! We had a really nice trip last weekend when we went to Los Alamos to see Jamie and Melissa and the little Duke cousins.

My brother Jeremy is coming this weekend, to meet Katelyn and celebrate his birthday. We're definitely looking forward to it. It's always fun to see someone new fall under her sweet spell!


Mom said...

Sweet spell, indeed! Hope she does well with her shots so she is in fine shape for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Big huge YAYs all around to all of the above!!! :) So glad to hear car rides have gotten better for you all. I hope you guys have a blast this weekend!!