Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enjoying the little things

Over the last few days, I've been receiving a crash course in being a new mommy.  There is so much to do, keep track of, and think about, in addition to all the physical discomfort (wait - make that pain!) that goes along with delivering and nursing a baby.  It can get very overwhelming very quickly.  So, I'm learning to enjoy some "little things" that keep me happy when the bigger things all seem to be crashing in.  In no particular order:

I'm not usually impressed with babies in general, but I sure do think that Katelyn is beautiful and adorable.  Today, she is really sweet.  I am enjoying that.

I am finished with pregnancy, which I didn't enjoy, and labor, which I really hated.  Enough said there.

Greg is quite possibly the most wonderful husband and father ever.  He is so helpful that I've actually only changed maybe three diapers so far.  I am enjoying having him around all day, because soon diapers will be part of my normal routine!

Sleep has become a "little" thing, in terms of quantity.  I am enjoying every little bit I get.

When I do get to sleep, I can sleep on my back.  And I have banished the three extra pillows that were a requirement for the last few months.  What a relief!

I can eat pastrami sandwiches.  And the Subway BMT.  And very nearly anything else I want.

With Mom here this week, I have not had to worry about cooking, cleaning, or shopping.  That's a pretty sweet deal.

I can lean over the sink when I brush my teeth, and not drool toothpaste on my belly.  I can also see my feet without leaning over.

And one not-little, very important thing: even when I'm not sure whether I'm doing anything right; when Katelyn would rather sleep than eat and waking her up is a half-hour chore, while keeping her awake while eating is another forty-five minutes or so; and when I wonder if I should really go to sleep or keep watching her to make sure she's still breathing, I can remember what Greg told me a few nights ago.  God is watching her.  And He loves her even more than we do.  That's definitely something to enjoy.

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